Scholarship Campaign

Now we're donating together.
Mackiss Company has created and managed Red clay road on Mt.Gyejok (14.5km) with proceeds from soju sales and has held concerts in the forest and downtown. To realize the value of producers and consumers working together to make the community healthy. Mt. Gyejok has become the only 100th tourist destination in Daejeon since 2015, thanks to local companies and local consumers. Likewise, in order to realize value with local consumers who love our products, we changed the method of scholarship donation, which was done simply to return the profits. Now we've started a campaign in which producers and consumers donate together to the region where soju is sold. The scholarship that I accumulated and donated in 2019 is about 38 million won. The Good Consumption Culture Campaign is aimed at 4 billion won for 10 years.
  • Daejeon Metropolitan City, 5 districts, Sejong Special Self-Governing City, and 15 cities and counties in South Chungcheong Province (16 including the Chungnam Human Resources Development Foundation)
  • Agreement on the Contribution of Scholarships to 23 Local Governments and Institutions (completed in 2019)
  • total cumulative scholarship for 2019