Customer Service


Q What is suitable to mix with Mackiss?
Fruit juice, cola, soda, milk, coffee and various drinks and cocktails are good.
With the ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 dilution, you can enjoy various and unique flavors.
Recently, ice cream mixing Mackiss is gaining popularity called "Ice Kiss" cocktail.
Q Where can I buy Mackiss?
Mackiss is sold in more than 320 nationwide discount stores such as Lotte Mart, E-Mart ,
Home Plus, also 5500 convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven, GS25, CU, and 450 places including
Nong-Hyeop , department stores and general retailers.
Q What kind of alcohol is Mackiss?
Mackiss is blended with 15 year old brewed original alcohol made of domestic barley.
It goes well with any kind of drinks, so everybody can make one’s own cocktails.
Mackiss is white split (white wine), good for cocktail drink
Q What is the different advantage of O₂Linn?
Absorbing oxygen through drinking is 10 times faster than breathing.
In order to digest alcohol, a lot of oxygen is needed. If oxygen is not enough, hangover and headache is generated.
They are the phenomena caused by oxygen deficiency. So O₂Linn with a plenty of dissolved oxygen solves these problems.
To be free from hangover and headache, Let’s choose O₂Linn!
Q What is different O₂Linn from other sojus?
Many people often get hangover and headache after drinking beer, wine, rice wine, traditional wine, etc.
They are caused by lack of oxygen.
In beer, rice wine, and traditional wine, there are only 1ppm of oxygen.
O₂Linn contains 33ppm oxygen which is 3 times more than other sojus,
20 times more than beer, and even 50 times more than traditional wine.
For everyone who suffered from a hangover and headache,
The Mackiss Company confidently recommend O₂Linn.
Q Why did you change the previous pretty name, ‘Maleul Linn (Clear Linn)’?
As the anti-hangover effect of oxygen was scientifically proved,
we changed the name from Clear to O₂, to emphasize 3 times more dissolved oxygen.
From now on, call our oxygen soju, O₂Linn, please!
Q What is the difference of O₂Linn from previous maleul Linn?
New hi-tech facilities are introduced and oxygen blending technology is ungraded.
Thus, oxygen is better dissolved, and the taste of O₂Linn gets smoother and better.
Especially, the Mackiss Company’s factory is located at the path of Mt. Daedun.
Thanks to this location, our products are produced with the most clear air and clean water.
Q Why are there another company's logo on the bottle of O₂Linn?
The Mackiss Company including 10 domestic companies of soju and beer, are all under the mandatory regulation to reuse the bottle for environmental protection and resource conservation. All of us have implicitly reused the empty bottle.
In particular, Korea Vessel Recirculation Association established in 2010 and became the main center to promote recycling the bottle. After that, all the soju companies have agreed to join it.
Thus, if you see the other company’s logo on the bottle of The Mackiss Company, you can trust us because the bottle is sanitized in more clean environment and better hygienic facilities.
Q Is there expiration date of soju?
There is no expiration date of soju.
Because soju is the spirit with high alcohol degree and there is nothing to get bad in soju. So there is no expiration date .
On the contrary, soju’s quality improves with age just like whiskey, because it is finely matured in the bottle as time goes by.
Q How much tax is added in soju’s price, and for what does the tax used?
Soju’s taxes are liquor tax, education tax, and VAT.
If factory price is 100 won, liquor tax is 72%, and education tax is 30% of liquor tax. And VAT is added 10 % of factory price, liquor tax, and education tax. Total 113% tax is added.
Liquor tax is used to local government as local grant of national budget allocation. Education tax is used for education, and VAT is for nation.
The Mackiss Company Inc. is paying around 40 billion won annually, as liquor tax, education tax, and VAT.