Red clay road

If you want to enjoy the healing, then here is just right, The origin of eco_healing, Mt.Gyejok
President Cho Wung Rae enjoys climbing Mt.Gyejok. One day in 2006, when he was on the way of usual climbing with his close friends, he saw one woman tottering on high heels. He took off his shoes to give her and walked on barefoot. That night the president slept well and deeply. After that, he could never forget the first experience of barefoot walk. He thought ‘it is too good to enjoy myself alone, so let’s share this joy with more people’. And he started to spread the good quality of Red clay over gravel path in 14.5km length. Now, this barefoot Red clay road is loved by so many people searching healing and communication cure.

Course Map of Mountain Gyejok Check out the course Map of Mountain Gyejok

  • Whole course of Red clay road

    Total lenght : 14.5km, 4hours taken

    Main course of Red clay road

    Park Management Office(0.6km/15mins) → Multipurpose Square(0.4km/5mins) → Music hall in the forest(0.5km/10mins) → Photo zone of eco_healing(0.5km/10mins) → Imdo Tree-ways intersection(3.5km/60mins)

  • Course Map of Mountain Gyejok

By public transportation (Daejeon local bus)

  • Deajeon Station
    Trunk Line : 611, 701, 711 – Wadong Hyundai APT Branch Line : 12, 614, 311 – Daehan Transportation Terminal
  • Express Bus Terminal
    Trunk Line : 611, 701 (front of Chateau Hotel. ) – Wadong Hyundai APT
  • Transfer bus
    No. 74, start 06:00, the 40 min interval

By personal vehicle

  • Navigation address
    Jang-dong Woodland Park(59-25, Jang-dong, Daedeog-gu, Daejeon) Sintanjin IC.
    Naver map search : destination: Jang-dong Woodland Park