Social Community

Mackiss Company is planning various cultural activities with local youth to promote local culture. Starting with the concern about what activities are most necessary for young people in the region, the idea has been developed to create opportunities for them to enjoy various cultural activities. The social community sponsored by Mackiss Company strives to promote the cultural activities of local and local youth and to coexist with local cultural artists. Mackiss Company will join us in connecting people and people and culture.

Mackiss Running Crew
Mackiss Running Crew
Mackiss Running Crew is a running social community created to lead the running culture of the 20s and 30s in Daejeon. Since running is good, it is a taste community that gathers and runs together after work for health, and has recruited more than 100 members since October 23, 2019. Mackiss Running Crew is planning to spread the running culture to the local community at the Mackiss Company, which promotes marathon such as Daejeon Bare Body Marathon and Daejeon Barefoot Festival. Mackiss Running Crew is carrying out various activities for people who like running, such as off-season training and participating in marathon competitions.
  • Recruit
    2030 Interested in Running
  • Place of activity
    National Marathon in various parts of downtown Daejeon
  • Activity details
    Regular (Wednesday every week) and lightning learning membership program operation, etc.
  • Subscriptions
    Mackiss Running Crew Instagram (@mackiss_runners)
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