Between people and people LINK TOMORROW

Mackiss Company strives to exert good influence on our society based on the corporate concept of 'Link Together'.

In order to connect people and nature, Red clay road (14.5km) has been created and managed in Mt.Gyejok, and in order to connect people and culture, forest concerts and healing concerts are held. In order to create a culture in which companies and consumers donate together, we are also holding a community love scholarship campaign in which a certain amount of money is set aside for future talent whenever products are sold.

It's all about Mackiss company's attitude of putting people first. The belief that people, people, people, nature, people and culture can lead to a better tomorrow than today, a better future than today, and the Mackiss Company values this belief in its products.

And we try to share that belief with our customers. Mackiss Company is always between people. I will do my best to connect people with people today
Management Philosophy